-Made for GMTK2021 win 48 hours  ( i forgot to submit it as a jam entry so it's not marked a submission )

-Theme: Joined Together

-Controls: WASD - move, SPACE - jump,  KEYS - throw

@ms_frogrammer: Code, Level Design

@DennisPinato: Art, SFX

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorsFrogrammer, Crase da Crise
GenrePlatformer, Action, Puzzle
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, Pixel Art


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The game is amazing, I will say it is the hardest platform jumping game I ever played. the following are some thoughts after finishing the game. 

It may feel really hard and it is quite confusing how to play when I started. it took me a lot while to dig out the tricks. Before I found the trick: throw head up and wait for the head drop a bit then you can perform a long-range right or left jump, I try a lot of ways to pass level two. and one of the attempts is really complicated. In order to perform the right jump, I have to throw the head up, then jump to catch the head in the air, then throw the head right immediately, then wait for the timing that you can perform the right jump and catch the head in the mid-air. I did it, but it is way too complicated. Even the attempt prove to be a failure. I am quite enjoying the process. There is lots of similar experience in the following levels. It is the first time that I found so many tricks about "jump". It is quite amazing this simple" head throw and jumps" mechanic has so much depth. 

Amazing work but may not suit everyone 



hey sorry for a super late reply uh didn't notice your comment, thanks glad you liked the game and yeah i totally agree that it may not be for everyone, especially considering how difficult it really is, so yeah :D

it has been one year since I last played the game. I tried it again today. It only takes me about 5 minutes to finish. Still Amazed how fluid the jump can be! 

Aw I remember seeing this on Twitter this weekend and it looked really nice, I'm sorry you couldn't submit it :(

The core mechanic is really interesting and the game looks really good. I kinda wish the levels were a little shorter tho? I had to reset a lot of times in some of them :p

thanks, i tried to make levels short as possible fitting them in screen width size but still leave them entertaining, but some levels def may get some balancing


I feel like I'm missing how the game is supposed to be played. From what I can tell, you ideally throw your head straight up and jump just before it hits you, and if that's not possible you throw it up, stick it to the ceiling, and grab it before your jump. I was expecting some kind of mechanic where you can swing around on the head. Am I missing something? Does throwing your head do anything besides making jumping more annoying?

no you can't swing your head, that's the mechanic, you can't jump with a head but you can stick to any surface around by keyboard keys, and while it's off, you can jump

The height is carefully designed. when you stick to the ceil you can jump and catch the head in the air and immediately throw it to the right or left. 

It's a pity that you couldn't submit the game in time. The idea and the result are superb and fun to play.

thanks :)

Yo this game is really great. I would rate it very highly in the jam if I could. For some reason there was no audio whatsoever during the levels though. Is that normal? I only ask because there were music and sfx sliders in the options but I never heard music and the only sound effects I heard were in the menu. Anyway this game looks and plays really great. Good job! Unfortunate you didn't get to submit it. :/

thank you, yes sadly there's no music or any sounds because one of our team mates was very busy and couldn't make anything

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This game mechanic looks terribly fun but I really need AZERTY control support if you got some time later to implement it it would be awesome so I can try again to complete it ^^'

sorry i don't know if i'll be working more on a game yet, but if i will, i may add this


Excellent game! 

Would love to hear how you did the rope physics

The game can be a little frustrating at times, which I think if there was a way to "return" the skull back to you would help. As often I had thrown my skull into a bunch of spikes, and would just need to restart the level

Still, I got through to the end and it kept me on my toes, excellent graphics, and loved the particles for when the rope snapped


thank you, glad you like it! Yeah initially it was the idea to not let the player to pick up the head from spikes, but it turned to be a bit frustrating i agree




my opinion , i found this game irritating. the fact that you can throw your head only on XY axis , but not with an angle , makes is hard...so i don't want to even try to pass the further than second level


it would have made the game a bit too easy and i really wanted the 'throw up- jump - grab - throw right' move so yeah